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Dupes from slides and negatives
Format conversion

Most competitors produce duplicates in the “conventional” way – they simply take a photo of your original slide. In the result you get a dup slide with some disadvantages: Color shifts, lost of sharpness, all the dust and scratches on it, no correction of faded colours.

We at WightSlide produce your duplicates in a complete digital workflow: Your original slide will scanned first. In this step dust and scratches will removed, additionally we can correct faded colours and adjust lights and shadows. In the next step we record the scanned image onto slide film.


We can handle formats from 35 mm up to 8x10".







Diaduplikate, Diakopien, Dia vom Dia

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Price list

Slides/Negatives (35 mm) 2,40 €
Medium/Large format  
  up to 6x7 cm 15 €
  over 6x7 cm up to 4x5" 20 €