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Save your images –
Save your memories

To preserve informations for the future you should keep them on film.

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Kodak, 2009

Are your images save for the future? Will your grandchildren be able to watch them?

The experiences of the last decades show that digital data have a very unsave life. Think of sudden data loss, scratched CDs, lost or stolen laptops ...

Even the german government decided to archive cultural assets in digital way and additionally on film:

Modern digital recording technology and the analogue medium film, independend from fast technical changes, are twinned to show the way for a forward-looking preservation of cultural assets. [...] Informations can get back even with the most basic appliances – in case of need with a loupe.

Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe


  CD DVD Hard-
average life timea (yrs) 5 3 10 10b 40
max. max life timea (yrs) 15 10 20 30b 200c
readable in 20 years od od +
Save against damaging:          
  Cold + +
  Wet + + o o
  Drop + + + +
  Scratches + + o

a Own experience+ Internet research
b Estimeted by manufaturer
c based on simulation
d depend of matching Hard- and Software

Sichern von Fotos auf Film

We save your images on 35 mm film.
You can choose of slide, negative or B/W.
We process blocks of 108 images (that means 3 films of 36 images). You can order 108 images or multiples ot this (108, 216, 324 ...)

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Slides/Negatives/BW - 108 pcs £ 40
Shipment £ 3