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Scanning service

Digital images from your slides, negatives or prints


We offer the high quality you expect.

Our customers are amateurs as well as profess­ionals, advertisers, architects, museums, calendar manu­facturers ...
We scanned images for the official Kodak calendar 2005.

Every image will receive professional post scan manual image enhancement (color and contrast adjustment, sharpening). Your scans will meet the original as close as possible.

We save your images as JPEG with very less com­pression. If needed we can provide the images as 16 bit TIFF (120 MB per scan) with just £5 surcharge per DVD.

Your images are scanned in UK.


  • Prints (Photos, Documents etc.) up to DIN A4 (21x30 cm, 8.5x12 in)
  • 35 mm slides and negatives (mounted or in stripes)
  • Any other transparencies (Film type 110, 126, Medium Format, large format) up to 8x10 in
35 mm 4000
All other transparencies 3200

If you prefer other resolution, give us a notice.



  • removing dust & scratches (restrictions at B/W)
  • correcting over- and underexposing
  • adjusting contrast
  • removing color casts
  • restoring faded colors
  • adjusting sharpness
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Price list

  Price per image
35mm slides/negatives  
  mounted £ 0,70
  film strip £ 0,80


unmounted single frames £ 1,00
Medium/Large format  
  up to 6x9 cm £ 2,30
  up to 4x5" £ 4,50
  up to 8x10" £ 8,00
  up to 4x6" £ 0,45 €
  up to 8x12" £ 0,80 €
  UK £ 3,00